Paper craft project no. 227: Let’s celebrate you


2014-07-18 Let's celebrate you

This is my first ever shaker card!!! And the sequins inside move when you shake the card — LOL! Okay, I’m going to write a calmer (and more coherent) post later on…but I just wanted to post this project before the current Virginia’s View Challenge ends, which is like…less than 3 hours from now!

DH and I have to run to town to drop packages in the mail and then work out for a bit. He has been waiting patiently while I worked on this card and he made himself busy — he cleaned my scissors (all 8 of them), installed another monitor on my desk, and started backing up my main computer. And when I saw the clock and realized it was taking me longer than I’d anticipated:

me: Oh, no. I’m so sorry, dear. We’re not going to be able to leave at 5:30..
DH: That’s okay. It’s not a set time.
me: We’re not going to have much time to work out at the gym…[frantically working my Cuttlebug]
DH: Don’t worry about it, dear. Finish what you’re working on. That’s important to you.

Am I a blessed girl or what? Okay, gotta go!! Be back later to edit this post and describe how I put it all together.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend!



5 Comments to “Paper craft project no. 227: Let’s celebrate you”

  1. This is a beautiful shakercard! Love that you used not a standard die to make it! And the card before this one is a beauty too! Enjoy your sunday, Gerrina

  2. Your card is full of details and delight, Shery! I love the die cut text details and your first time shaker card is a SUCCESS ( can’t believe this is a first!!). And of course, your hubby is a KEEPER!! Thanks so much for playing Virginia’s View Challenge!

  3. Not only is this an awesome first time shaker card – as in a.w.e.s.o.m.e. – but that husband of yours! WOW!! Yes, you are lucky to have him – and he, you! Sweet post, fabulous card!

  4. What a stunner Shery, Love this design, I can see a winner here :) and ur husband is so sweet, u r indeed blessed to have him :)

  5. you are one blessed lady! And your shaker card is such a funky take, I will have to remember this one x

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