Humbled, blessed, thankful

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Today marks the first month of my being a card angel. Last month, after weeks of waiting, I was assigned to two seniors, J and S, who are battling cancer. And today, I received a letter from J. She didn’t have to write back but she wrote she needed to let me know how much my cards mean to her. (As card angels, we go in knowing that we may never receive a response; we simply commit to writing to them every week until we are told our assignment is over.) J is battling cancer alone, no family living close by, so she wrote that my cards and stories have helped her somehow deal with the isolation and her fears. It was a heartfelt letter; her words of gratitude hit me right in the heart that my eyes welled up and I could barely finish reading through the tears. The past 4 weeks, I only had this abstract idea that I was cheering somebody up with my cards. But now, I have more than an inkling of how much being a card angel — sharing a little piece of myself — impacts another person. I am humbled, I feel incredibly blessed, and I am so thankful to Jesus for giving me the opportunity to serve others through my art and writing. So tonight, I’m going to get my messy craft table organized and make several cards for J and S. I can’t think of a better way to spend Friday night :-)

Always thankful,


3 Comments to “Humbled, blessed, thankful”

  1. Thank you for shearing this with us! It always feels so good to help others. You are doing good deeds. xxx

  2. this is wonderful Shery and so lovely to get a response. This is a lovely thing to do x

  3. This was so moving, Shery! There is no better feeling that knowing you have been a smile in someone else’s life! Keep up the good work! God bless! Hugs, Darnell

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